Pasacao Beach in Camarines Sur

Camarines Sur has become of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines in the past several years. But I guess it’s not unexpected because this province offers excellent tourist attractions like the Pasacao Beach. This wide stretch of sandy beach has lured visitors with its resorts, fresh ocean breeze and sapphire waters. Traveling to this beautiful beach will also bring visitors close to the other attractions in the province such as the Mt. Isarog National Park and the famous Lake Buhi. Let me provide more details why one should visit the Pasacao Beach in Camarines Sur.


Chain of Resorts:

This beach stretches to more than12-kilometers of sandy shore, which are dotted with a number of resorts that can cater to the need of different kinds of tourists. Visitors on a limited budget to rich folks with limitless funds can find a resort that suits their needs and requirements. The staff of the resorts on Pasacao Beach have vast experience on dealing with guests so one can expect good service.


Ideal venue for Swimming:

This wide stretch of sandy shore is a magnet for folks who want to get wet and soak in the warm rays of the sun in Camarines Sur. The beach has a very gradual slope so it’s safe for inexperienced swimmers since there are no sudden increase in depth that can  lead to some unfortunate incidences.


Water Sports and other Exciting Activities:

Pasacao Beach also offers a number of options for  visitors who want to try enjoyable activities other than just swimming in the refreshing waters of the sea. Tourists who visit this beach can also enjoy scuba diving, and water skiing. One can also  arrange to visit the nearby islands that are just a few minutes by boat from this scenic beach.


Daruanak Island and Refugio Island:

These scenic islands are the usual destinations for tourists who want to explore the nearby attractions of Pasacao. Daruanak Island is a rocky isle that can be reached via a 15-minute boat ride from the town. It is a venue for visitors who want to try water skiing. Refugio Island is a bit farther off and can be accessed after an hour-long boat ride. This beautiful isle is known for its white sand beaches.


Fresh and Delicious Sea Food:

The sea on this area of Camirines Sur is rich with edible kinds of marine life that has sustained the people that live close to its shore. Visitors to this scenic beach will have a good chance of tasting this bounty of the sea. Fishermen often offer their catches to the resorts knowing that the guests are willing to pay a good price for fresh seafood.



How to Get There:

To reach the beautiful Pasacao Beach and its great chain of resorts, tourist must first travel to Naga City. Two airlines (Asian Spirit and Philippine Airlines) are offering  daily flights between Manila and Naga. Once you reach the city, one can then travel by bus on an hour-long trip to reach the municipality of Pasacao.

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