Baguio city is teeming with flora that is unlike the ones found in the rest of the country. For one, Baguio’s relatively cooler climate makes it a great place to plant blooms and fruits that thrive in higher altitudes. So it’s no surprise that Baguio city’s Orchidarium attracts a steady supply of locals who fawn over flowers that are dirt-cheap.

If you want to bring home a pasalubong that won’t give cavities or won’t fare well during the long ride home, consider the Orchidarium and its seemingly endless supply of sturdy plants and potted flowers.

This place is perfect for Orchid lovers as the Orchidarium boasts of a variety of hybrids that will spell envy among neighbors.

What to Expect

If you love your organic supplies like herbal teas, natural sweeteners, and edible flowers, then Orchidarium is a must on your itinerary. The place doesn’t just sell flowering plants, but they also sell wonderful additions to your pantry.

When to Go There

Timing is everything, if you want to get the best deal for your buck. Try to go to the Orchidarium during the months of June to November, as the plants are cheaper during this time of the year. And once you’re there, squeeze in a visit during the afternoon as the prices go down before closing time.

How to Get There

The Orchidarium is a popular destination and most locals will help you get there in a jiffy. Located in Shanum Street, it is beside Burnham Park and in front of AXA Building.